Competitive Recoil

Competitive Recoil gives you the power to create entirely dynamic yet reproducible recoil patterns like those found in modern competitive first-person shooters Counterstrike and Valorant.

Utilizing easy to edit animation curves to control weapon spray and make sure each shot is placed exactly where it’s meant to go, the system also lets you to change the amount of kickback, rate of fire, number of projectiles per shot, bullet spread, accuracy deviation while moving, and more. All of these settings are stored within a data table to make it easier to tweak the system to suit your project and make a range of balanced weapons.

The project also contains a pixel-perfect crosshair that will automatically respond to your character’s actions. This Widget is highly configurable, with size, shape, color, outline width, and fire/movement error values all modifiable to suit your playstyle.

Thanks for checking out my project. If you have a suggestion or idea to make Competitive Recoil more suitable for your game please consider shooting me a message. I’d love to hear from you!


Reproducible curve-based recoil patterns with a large range of options to suit any type of hitscan weapon
An animated and highly customisable crosshair that responds to both weapon firing and player movement
Three sample weapons (Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Light Machine Gun) each with their own custom recoil pattern, firing configuration, and sound effects


Demo map
3 Blueprints (1 Character, 1 Crosshair Widget, 1 Debug Widget)
5 Curves (3 sample recoil patterns, 2 animation curves for weapon kickback)
2 Data Tables with associated Structs (1 for weapons, 1 for crosshairs)
11 Sound Effects

The default recoil pattern for the Assault Rifle,
one of the project’s three sample weapons.

Update History

1.1 (latest)2022-11-17Updated for 5.1. Added a maximum range setting & more options for the center dot.
1.02022-07-31Initial 5.0 release.