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Bubble Shield

Patreon Exclusive

The assets and project files from my long-running tutorial series on creating a fully functional Halo-style Bubble Shield in Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal | Blueprint | Materials & Shaders | Animation | VFX

Competitive Recoil

Unreal Engine Marketplace

Competitive Recoil gives you the power to create entirely dynamic yet reproducible recoil patterns like those found in many modern competitive first-person shooters.

Unreal | Blueprint

Flashbang VFX

Unreal Engine Marketplace

Flashbang VFX is post process material-based system that produces the first-person audiovisual impact of a stun grenade detonation

Unreal | Blueprint | VFX

Platformer Drop Shadow

Unreal Engine Marketplace

Platformer Drop Shadow is a set of materials and Blueprint functions that will create a dynamic drop shadow underneath your characters whenever they’re in the air.

Unreal | Blueprint | Materials & Shaders

Other Stuff

Coordinate Systems Chart

Free Download

A quick-reference chart comparing the coordinate systems from a range of game engines and 3D software packages.


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