Platformer Drop Shadow

In any game that involves platforming, being able to accurately judge depth and distance is something players need to be able to execute instinctively. In 3D space this is even more important!

Platformer Drop Shadow is a set of materials and Blueprint functions that will create a dynamic drop (or blob!) shadow underneath your characters whenever they’re in the air to help them judge their position. The effect is very customizable, and has been designed to appear only when needed and to be as unobtrusive as possible so as to not clash with the actual lighting in your levels.


A highly configurable drop shadow effect to assist players in judging their character’s position in 3D space
Includes a Blob Shadow alternative for fans of 90s-era platformers (and who isn’t?)


Demo map
1 Blueprint
2 Float Curves for tweaking the effect
2 Decal Materials (Drop Shadow & Blob Shadow)

Update History

2.0 (latest)2023-02-26• More values exposed for greater control
• All logic moved into its own Actor Component
Enhanced Input support added for UE5.1
1.12022-03-29Small fixes, 5.0 release
1.02022-03-28Initial 4.26-4.27 release