Better Captions


Better Captions is a content-only plugin that lets you add fully replicated subtitles and/or closed captions to your game with just a few clicks. Designed to be a plug-and-play alternative to Unreal’s default subtitle system, Better Captions provides an array of different tools to help communicate a volume, attenuation, and tone information via text and other visual cues.

Although still in the early stages of its development, the ultimate goal of the Better Captions system is to provide a 1:1 parity of information between all players, irrespective of what sounds their game is producing.

If you’re interested in hearing more (no pun intended) about how this project was conceptualized, check out this dev log where I pontificate about the lack of captions in competitive multiplayer shooters.


  • Fully replicated caption/subtitle system designed to support environmental sounds, dialogue, and music
  • Actor-based text styling allowing for customizable text for each of your characters
  • An option to ‘stack’ captions so commonly created sounds will overwrite each other and not drown out more important cues
  • An optional directional indicator per caption will point towards the source of the sound


  • 2 Blueprints (1 Component, 1 Interface, 2 Widgets)
  • 1 Material
  • Sample Caption Data (3 Data Tables)

Update History

0.12024-03-08Initial UE5.3 release
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