Cloaking VFX

Cloaking VFX is a highly-configurable system that will dynamically create a cloaking transition effect on any Mesh Component.

Intended to be used within an ability or as an effect within a larger gameplay system, Cloaking VFX includes a ‘Cloaking Device’ Actor Component that can be attached to any Mesh Actors to very quickly create a range of different cloaking patterns.

Cloaking VFX leans on the Overlay Material system introduced in Unreal 5.1, which provides a fantastic opportunity to create a seamless transition between Material types without requiring multiple meshes.

Thanks for checking out my project. If you have any feature requests, suggestions, or ideas to make Cloaking VFX more suitable for your project I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me via email, or by dropping by my Discord server.


A highly-configurable ‘Cloaking Device’ Actor Component that can be used to create a range of different cloaking/active camouflage effects
Four distinct ‘cloak’ patterns and three different transition distortion masks to experiment with
The Demo Map utilizes assets from the Content Examples Project to clearly demonstrate the effect and help you integrate them into your own projects


Demo map
2 Blueprints (‘Cloaking Device’ Actor Component, 1 Demo Character)
3 Materials /w 13 Instances
5 Material Functions
11 high-resolution Textures (3 distortion masks, 4 greyscale patterns, 4 normal maps)
4 Sound loops

Update History

1.1 (latest)2022-12-30Cloak Material warping & audio functionality added
1.02022-12-28Initial 5.1 release.
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